Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT Systems

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to power software solutions with decision-making, predictive analysis, information extraction and other AI-powered functionalities.

Such common business cases where AI and ML can fit into our deliverables, are:

  • Parsing massive data to classify, summarize, or identify key pieces of information
  • Generate predictions and suggestions based on historical information
  • Personalize information based on user-related data
  • Recognize and classify objects inside images
  • Analyze and detect patterns or anomalies within data

Besides AI & ML, we can also power solutions with IoT technologies to improve, monitor or track operations, usually applied in industries where IoT solutions are a necessity. Indicative cases of powering solutions via IoT are:

  • Track and monitor the location of products, vehicles and other assets
  • Collect and transport data received from sensors and hardware detectors
  • Trigger or communicate with sub-systems according to rule-based conditions


  • Support decision-making
  • Improve customer experience
  • Identify information
  • Optimize operational efficiency


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